Aligarh Nosepins

Aligarh is a moderately renowned city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is surrounded by Gautam Buddh Nagar, Hathras, Mathura, Sambhal and Bulandshehar. Out of the rough figure of 4000 cities in India, Aligarh’s populations it’s in the bracket of 50-60th city with the most population in the nation. The city is known for its educational opportunities for young individuals. It is highly spoken of when it comes to academics.

The earliest recorded history of the city can be traced to the 16th century. It is said to begin after the establishment of the beautiful Aligarh Fort. It was then known as Kol and not Aligarh. Religiously, the city has seen quite a diverse group of people living on the land. In its entire timeline, Kol has seen the kingdoms of Rajput communities, Mughal empires and several findings have been retrieved in relation to Buddhism. The city is widely associated with culture and art. There are several mentions of the place in the writings and preachings of multiple classics. Writers, saints, sufis, poets and artists renowned all over the world have mentions of Aligarh in many of their masterpieces. This makes Aligarh a curiosity amongst people who dwell on these art forms more than others.

Aligarh Nosepins History

Being an educationally inviting city and having certain many threads of culture, heritage and history along with it makes Aligarh a promising city for people of many backgrounds. The city is known nation wide for Aligarh Muslim University which is standing tall and living upto its reputation for tens of decades now. Aligarh roughly sits as 100km away from the heart of the nation. This makes it one of the easiest impromptu travel destinations for a weekend getaway. The place thrives on the thoughts and activities of young minds and the upcoming future of India.

With the inclusion of art, poetry, culture, diverse religions; Aligarh can be stated as a city which likes to think deeply on its preferred jewelry. Although the variety of religions living in the city are bound to have their preferred favorites, the most sought after piece of jewelry stays to be gold plated nose rings. It covers young college going individuals as well as elders in families. Nose rings are considered to be favorites as they seem to enhance the beauty of an individual’s facial features. It is seen as a way of self expression and practicing self love while keeping heritage and traditional areas of the lifestyle in check.

Aligarh Nosepins in modern days

You can easily find a talented artisan in the city to craft you a perfect nose ring as per your needs and desires. There are several renowned jewelers as well as famous individuals who can meet your needs easily and effortlessly. With the addition of mughal culture almost everywhere in Aligarh, you can easily find yourself in an adorable plummet of wanting each design over another. The options, styles, patterns and shine for every nose ring appears to be different and unique. Aligarh is indeed a city for true lovers of art, poetry and for the people who like think a little deeper about the things close to heart.