Badlapur Nosepins

Badlapur in Uttar Pradesh can be said as an administrative division for the district of Jaunpur. In the present day, it is credited as one of the notified area council or NAC. There are multiple areas all over the nation that go by the name of Badlapur. It is easy to confuse the name for a place in Maharashtra easily. Therefore, to be more hands on and fluent in their communication, over a period of time or maybe decades locals have often mentioned the city of Badlapur in Uttar Pradesh as Macchlishhahar. Although it sits in the highly male populated state, the gender ratio in Badlapur is fairly close to equal. Male density when compared to female sits to be around 51% to 49% respectively.

Railway networking was probably one of the oldest inclusion from our ancestors lives that we still direly need today to make through our daily life. Badlapur or Macchlishhahar is very well intertwined with the railway paths. It is well connected with the huge and small cities around it. The Krishna Nagar Station of Macchlishhahr harbours rails from Howrah, Amritsar, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi and several other cities and states in the nation. Badlapur resides under the district of Jaunpur and has several other villages surrounding it.

Badlapur Nosepins History

Being a part of a place where history has written itself, specially the history of Indian mythology; the connection and ancestral background of the land is bound to be rich with culture, heritage and credence. Badlapur shelters women on a good scale. This makes the city wharf several women centric businesses, women centric approaches and services. Several connections can be seen to the times of Mahabharata. The mentions within the mythologies have directed readers and seekers to corners and places of Uttar Pradesh majority of times.

Like every society, women play an integral role in harmonizing the perfect balance. Such is the case of this remote village in Uttar Pradesh. By contribution to almost half of the demographic, they have initiated the gender based approaches that are needed in daily survival. Jewelries are an immense aspect of eventual happenings. Nose rings, like any other culture, is an appreciated form of self love in Badlapur. Constituting women from all ages, the people support the use of nose rings or nathnis even though it is a young girl’s desire to do so.

Badlapur Nosepins in modern days

Nose rings gold in and silver are considered to be auspicious for daily life as well as certain life events. Depending upon the type of festival, there are certain norms that are followed around the jewelry style. Imbued by the rituals that were once followed by their ancestors, the city of Badlapur is surrounded by constant jargon of nose pins and nose rings. Adding up to the cultural and historical connection of the accessory is the ayurvedic studies and preaching that revolve around the early use of nathnis in women. It is said to help in retaining composure in times of pain and childbirth. Along with this, nose pins or nose rings are said to have several other benefits for the body.