Balrampur Nosepins

Balrampur used to be embraced by the neighborhood as a part of Bahraich Sarkar of Awadh Subah during the Mughal rule. Later, it came under the control of the ruler of Awadh till its capture in February 1856 by the British parliament. British government separated Balrampur from Bahraich and it became a part of Gonda. Balrampur village is known for Balrampur Chini Mills, one of the largest sugar manufacturing industries in the country. But in the end, it’s a part of Indian culture so jewelry is part of its society. At that time, India was the largest manufacturer and exporter of stones in the world. India was also home to the diamond and invented the diamond drill, which was then taught to the Romans. The craftsmen of the Indus Valley Civilisation used semi-precious material like carnelian, agate, turquoise, faience, steatite, and feldspar, fashioning them into tubular or barrel shapes, decorating them with carvings, bands, dots, and patterns, or setting them minutely with gold.

Balrampur Nosepins History

Going by the jewelry they made and wore, the ancient people of the Indus Valley Civilisation were an extremely sophisticated lot with a finely developed aesthetic sense, backed by intricate engineering skills. Jewelry plays a huge part in Indian culture. The man also functions handling the nose pin-wearing rituals are promoted amongst pupils as these hold a leading belief within the studies and writings of Ayurveda. It is said that the overall regulation of the ovulation cycle strengthens for a woman who duly wears nose pins. This is said to help women throughout their life to stay healthy. Such practices can still be seen in the Brahmin households of Gonda.

You can easily find nozzle rings and other ornaments crafted around gold in the city of Balrampur. Metal is highly praised and holds a unique place within the gallantries of the locals, notwithstanding the gender. Regular gold nose pins, gold nose pins fastened around valuable gems are highly prized items of jewelry within the city. To this day, it is a tradition for fiancées to display their nose pins in Balrampur.

Notwithstanding it being a more petite city than its close neighbor, Lucknow, Balrampur has performed an important role in the history of India. Balrampur can be simply viewed as the city of sugar mines. But it has a jewel of history. We all know nose pins are in trend these days but in the past, it was considered as one of the Indian rituals for girls. Wearing a nose was considered as ‘suhag ki nishani’. There is a culture of wearing a ‘nathh’ in marriages for the bride.

Balrampur Nosepins in modern days

At present, Balrampur stays in touch with its past and embraces it with its artistic, cultural, and excellent ideas in gold jewelry. Their gold nose pins come in many forms. You can see a variety of collections within the nose rings themselves. From a variety of gold nose rings picked with historical, common and consistent stones to nose rings studded with polki and diamonds can be easily received within the city.