Lucknow Nosepins

City of nawabs, Lucknow, is filled with a rich and diverse culture throughout its blueprint. Whether it’s jewellery, food, or clothes, Lucknow has accepted it all and enhanced it with its signature lakhnavi style. The cultural centric attitude of its citizens has made lakhnavi jewellery a world-renowned name. Along with the craftsmanship, food in Lucknow is famous as well. Feasting on lakhnavi food and the luxury of wearing lakhnavi jewellery is one of the most enticing feelings in the world. Lucknow’s soul grows with its people.

Nathnis, one of the most appreciated nose pins, are the gifts of Lucknow. Whether it be marriage, birthday or engagement, this accessory tends to enchant the occasion perfectly. Not only the jewelry feels extremely exquisite but it magnifies the features of the wearer. The history of nose pins can be traced back to 6000 years. Ayurveda clearly states that nose pins help in reducing childbirth pain. In many Indian cultures, it is believed that nose pins help in a better ovulation cycle and also boons positive changes in the sexuality of a woman. That’s why the lakhnavi custom of gifting nathnis to the bride is practiced all over the nation.

Lucknow Nosepins History

For thousands of years, the women in the middle-east have showered their appreciation for nose pins as wedding gifts. They were created completely in gold and the ring tended to announce women’s status of marriage to the world. Since then several communities and cultures have actively perceived the idea of nathnis because of the grace and cadence it adds to the overall attire. Places like Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand now have their own versions of nathnis that showcase the cultural ethnicity through this one of a kind accessories.

If it adds to the definition of Lucknow then it can probably translate its magnificence throughout the whole world. The city’s galore of food, culture, and taste in poetry is applauded all over the globe. City’s originated jewellery feats no less. Not only visitors from all over the globe cherish nathnis for the treasure they are but several African communities have ingrained nathnis in the marital lives of their people. In the United States, nathnis came into fashion during the 1960s. It was introduced to the country by the hippie trails which visited the north Indian lands and brought back the fashion of wearing nose pins with them. Nathnis, for them, became a rebellious aspect of their personality against the conservative societal values. Their movement was all about boycotting and fighting against the conservative ideology of the society. Being familiar with the country today, the movement hints at its fruition.

Lakhnavi nose pins have been in fashion and in demand since the time of Nawabs. Being a symbol of beauty, gold and silver nose pins were an integral ornament of Begum’s dressing. Begums used to wear nathnis with big essential stones embedded in them. Such stones were seen as a symbol of exclusivity, power and authority. We can happily agree that these nose pins carry the same aura as the begums till date. It is one of the key factors that make them so absolute and one of a kind.

Lucknow Nosepins in modern days

Nowadays, nathnis have developed into a symbol of confidence and beauty. Not only perceived by brides or certain communities, nathnis today, have grown to be a household term within Lucknow. Jewelry designers are engrossing themselves more and more in perfecting the art of designing nathnis. Teenage girls and women have equally accepted it as the most important ornament to express their calmness and beauty. They get their nose pierced to mark an event in life and get a sense of much-needed independence.