Meerut Nosepins

Meerut, as we all know, is a land of history and ancient tales. It resides in the west of Uttar Pradesh, around 490 kms from the state capital Lucknow and around 80 km from the national capital Delhi. The short distance from Delhi makes Meerut an ideal getaway destination for a lot of Delhi living natives. Meerut flaunts deep and rich stories of historical events happening, be it mythical or the events taught to us through facts in school. This connection with the ancient past has definitely added to the district’s prowess of manufacturing the most amount of musical instruments or goods for the whole country. Not only the harmonious rhythms, the city also excels in manufacturing the most amount of sports goods in the whole nation. Along with being prominent in showcasing these abilities, the city is also known as the sports hub of india. Meerut is also known for its educational prowess. Adding from its history of educational as well as academic brilliance, Meerut today also hosts several multiple brilliant institutions. Many bright and young minds are carved as well guided within the imaginary boundaries of this magnificent city.

As we know that the city has seen hundreds of stories unfold over hundreds of decades; the culture, history, tradition, cuisine, styles, people, perceptions and teachings. Along with these events there have been times where the name of the place has been through renovation. Meerut has been known as Meyarastra when it was the kingdon capital of Mayasur. Meerut came after being known as Medantkarashtra and Mairaath over a long period of time.

Meerut Nosepins History

The hometown of Mandodari was significantly part of Ramayana. Fragments of Ashoka pillar were extracted from the city as well. It was also a prominent part of Harappan settlement and Indus valley civilization. Meerut also saw great sight of mughal as well as maratha power in its time.

The history pages associated with the city are quite heavy. All these facts direct us to the fact that jewelry played a continuous role on this land. It can be said as probably one thing that was constant. Even today it is very visible. Natives and even people who visit the city reflect essential jewellery in their everyday lives. Nose ring is one of them. Nose rings can be said as one of the most crucial aspects of jewelry that there is in our nation.

Meerut Nosepins in modern days

From young girls to wise elders, everyone has love and admiration for it. Nose rings of silver, brass, copper and gold are cautiously practiced in Meerut. The variety in the bulk of the nose rings is due to the vast resources and elements to tap into its ancestral past; and obviously the slight touch of modern world. The city majorly has a traditional and religious approach towards the way of living life. This, we believe, has very well sustained the role of jewelry in the city. One does not need the aura of an occasion, event or a festival to break out the innuendos that sit close to their heart here in Meerut.