Sania Bali

Item Code: #3005

Sania Bali – The popular choice!

Sania Bali is considered to be one of the most suitable and comfortable nose rings to wear. These are very simple looking yet elegant nose rings. These are one of the most popular ones and females prefer to wear them on a regular basis. Sania Bali comes in beautiful and different designs and are worn by females of all ages, from young girls to old women. These are light-weighted and attractive which makes it ideal for daily wear. If you have recently got your nose pierced or are planning to get it soon, then Sania bali is the one you should opt for.

Sani Bali Range

We sell a wide range of Sania Bali including gold cz bali, rajkot bali, fancy gold sania bali, gold cz fancy bali, gold ladies earring bali and gold sania bali. These all vary on grounds on Gold used (18K – 22K) or of course the design.