Discovering Nose Pin Styles and Their Bollywood Connection

Nose Pins are an affair that grows with you. We know you take them very seriously because they are an essence of your personality and your overall attire. Nose pins tend to give symmetry to your facial features and can add life to all looks regardless of the event. Nose pins have subtly, because of their charm and grace, managed to escape unwanted attention whenever required and have recorded multiple wildfire fits of rage in history. Multiple celebrity trails have left men and women all over the nation in awe. These incidences have not only lifted up the admiration of those specific nose pins but also made us realize how integral it is to appreciate our roots in this constantly evolving industry.

Here we encapsulate a few incidences where one of the big names within the industry swayed everyone by leaving them oscillating between wanting to live the moment and going out to get one themselves.

Oxidised Nose Pins and Ear Pins

Oxidised jewellery has taken the world by storm and it is heading towards a higher graph with time. Be it the fashion industry, film industry, preferences of artists or regular day adaptation; oxidised jewellery is the new cool and it is for every gender. Oxidised nose pins come in a variety of designs as they are a creative masterpiece, a blend of culture, heritage and history with the modern-day need of timelessness. You can witness Aamir Khan’s look around the shooting time of Thugs of Hindustan. He has talked about getting his nose pierced and flaunted his nose pin multiple times in front of the media and on social media. The actor even shared behind the scenes to commemorate his approval and affection towards the accessory.

Bridal Nose Rings

Bridal Nose Rings are not a very personal piece of jewellery but they, in themselves, are a feeling. Every bride wants one and it is probably the most intricately chosen jewellery. Every bridal nose pin is decided upon by keeping the wedding day look and other graceful looks in correlation to the nose pin. Throughout several recent years, we have witnessed biggest names in Bollywood from Anushka Sharma to Deepika Padukone show their endearment for bridal nose pins. Several other names add on to this list as these modern fashion icons show us that the touch of culture is ultimate in its entirety.

Stud Pins or Single Stone Studded Nose Pins

Single stone studded earrings have been around for a much longer time than it can be traced. You can easily say that it is among those styles which were carried into this century. A stud pin comes in several designs and is easily customisable. You can choose from a wide variety of diamonds and gemstones to style and add to your personality. From Aishwarya Rai and Rani Mukherjee to Shraddha Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, single stone studs speak heritage, history and poise. It is obvious that even in the modish and evolving world these simple nose pins are relevant enough to thrive. You can easily spot men flaunting one of these as their contemporary adaptation is free of the gender-specific and is designed for the bold and beautiful. Modern-day evolution of studded nose pins flaunts floral and geometric designs. These are moulded around the realm of aesthetics while keeping them really lightweight and versatile.

Maharashtrian Nath Nose Rings

If you are a lover for details then it is without a doubt that you were taken aback by the magnificence of this unparalleled nose pin. Maharashtrian naths blossom from the Marathi tradition and have served their part in beautifying your favourite celebrities in multiple blockbusters, so even if you don’t dwell on all the details chances are aware of its elegance. Names like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan have portrayed the nose pin’s gracious gravitas on the big screen. Laced with pearls, diamonds and gold all around the dangle adds to the alluring countenance.