How to carry a bridal nose ring like a boss?

The day you dreamt of since you were a little girl is finally arriving, and every little detail about your wedding day, from your lehenga down to the choice of your nose ring must be absolutely perfect. For an Indian Bride wearing a nose ring on the wedding day carries cultural significance. The nose ring is considered as a symbol of being married and wearing a nose ring is also an ode of respect to the Indian goddess Parvati. Along with the cultural significance of a nose ring, it also plays a crucial role adorning the face of the bride and believe it or not this small accessory has the power to make or break your bridal avatar.

Now let’s dive right into finding the right fit for your bridal nose ring!

Know what size suits your face

Not every nose ring coming out of a Sabyasachi catalogue might suit your face. The key is to try it for yourself, or even try to get a photograph clicked of you wearing the nose ring. Truly, a photograph will never lie.

Don’t forget to match it with your ensemble

Your wedding nose ring is a part of your complete wedding jewellery set, hence ideally it’s advisable to match it with the rest of your wedding jewellery or buy everything from the same place. It is also important to find a  nose ring which complements your wedding outfit really well.

Celebrity Trends

Nose ring trends are highly driven by celebrities styling them for their weddings and other formal and informal occasions. Be it the studded Nath of Soman Kapoor, the Maharashtrian style nose ring of Priyanka Chopra, the infamous Bajirao Mastani Kundan nose ring worn by Deepika Padukone or the adorable nose ring pearl stranded nose ring from Anushka Sharma’s bridal look; our all-time favourite celebs surely know how to wear their nose rings like a boss. Hence it would never hurt to do a quick research on how our favourite fashionistas are sporting their nose rings.


The ramps this year have seen many models wearing mid-sized minimal nose ring or a bigger ring with simple pearl chains or small studded flowers. Anything with minimal detailing would look elegant and drive the focus towards your face.

You can never go wrong with gold!

When it comes to Indian traditions, one must never hesitate to wear gold. In old times, gold was considered a status symbol of wealth and prosperity. A minimal mid-sized gold nose ring or even nose pin will make you look classy yet traditional.

Getting the piercing done

Piercing is inevitable, hence it should be up to you if you permanently want to pierce your nose or try to the many options available in clip on nose rings. However, if you do decide to get piercing, be sure to do it 3-4 months prior to your wedding day to avoid redness or other complications.

Bridal shopping can be a tedious task, hence hopefully this article was insightful for you. Being a bride is a once in a lifetime affair, hence make sure you rock it and have fun with it.

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