Finding the Perfect Jewelry for You Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Astrology is one of the oldest subjects which has expanded its captivation in modern society. They hold ample amounts of interest because of the benefits it offers. To a skilled eye who can decipher the horoscopic elements, astrology can help determine probable interpretations and deductions that can change or elevate one’s lifestyle. This can be attained by grasping the placement of sun, moon and stars in various situations and timelines.

Cancer is a water sign which is ruled by the moon. Resembling the features of water, cancer is fluid in imagination and persuasive in its character. These facets make them highly intuitive and deeply sentimental in all and everything they come across. Their qualities make them prioritize feelings over everything in relationships. Although it seems like they are driven by the heart, cancers can be some of the most practical people you may know.

Cancers are born between June 21 to July 22. They are creatures with strong beliefs that they accumulate from their walks of life. The significance and practice of their principles can easily miscommunicate them as selfish, proud or manipulative; their impatience and tendency to avoid confrontations might just add on to that myth.

Moonstone Necklace

Since cancer natives are commonly misjudged as temperamental, it can hamper their world given that they are extremely emotional. They should be celebrated for their loyalty, empathy and uniqueness. Moonstone acts as an adhesive for cancers in regard to the world around them as despite their intricate connections, they can easily find themselves to be disassociated with anyone and everyone around them. Moonstone reminds them to be persistent in their stride to pursue universal life and love.

Engraved Aluminium/Silver Rings

Cancers are always on the lookout for complex insights and perceive the world in a different manner than the rest. Their unique cognizance is said to be pure which comes from an innocent place. Silver and aluminium are one of the rawest elements that are still used in the modern era, they are not priced high but are valued immensely. Just like a cancer wants to be perceived by society, these jewelries with custom designs engraved on them can provide cancers with an attestation for their intricate personalities and rare ways of life.

Fretted Diamonds

White is the spirit color associated with cancer. It signifies the clarity and calmness of the sign. It is a sign that wears its heart on its sleeve and is always the first one to attempt to say more by saying less. Fretted diamonds on an earring, ear beads, necklaces, chokers or nose pins will be appreciated by the sign because of the peculiarity and the heads the jewelry will turn. It is also a sign for them to stick to their roots and trust the experience they have emerged from.

Gemstone Jewelry

Being one of the most complex signs because of the ruling moon, cancer tends to change unpredictably just like the phases and placement of the moon in astrology. Gemstones are derived for all the zodiac signs based on the complex understanding of horoscopes. Natural stones and crystals like Brookite, Ruby, Rhodizite and Emerald are beneficial for cancer chakras and energy. They not only work around the blockages but also provide the much needed revitalization for the sign.