Finding the Perfect Jewelry for You Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Astrology is the ancient art of determining probable life events in a human’s life. It is said to derive genuine surmises on the basis of mathematical calculations. From the beginning of time, the subject in its entirety has managed to catch people’s eye and attention. The captivation that revolves around astrology is enormous and horoscopic interests is one of its sub subjects. Although, to be able to lay these predictions one needs to have a skilled eye but due to the extensive base of the art, everyone seems to have a take on related matters. Determinations from a practiced and professional individual can do wonders in your life and change your lifestyle for good. Today we talk about Taurus and jewelries that can enhance the positive traits in their personality and eventually, garnish their lives.

Taurus is an earth sign which is ruled by venus and is represented by a bull. Like their representing sign, they like to be within nature. An empty grassland with tens of mountains is all a taurus needs to feel content in their life. Their planet is responsible for seeking money, love and beauty. So don’t let their desire of sitting in nature’s lap all day long fool you, they equally enjoy any and every luxury experience. Taurus is most likely to have a perfectly articulated bathing regime, fitness regime or a beauty regime for them.

Taurus’ are born between April 20 – May 20. They are known to be very practical and grounded creatures with a strong desire to sit around love and pleasure. They are strongly driven to the pleasures associated with touch, smell and taste. A taurus will always hunt on exploring the world around them and will have things coming quite easily because of their constant need for pleasure. They are ambitious, har working, resilient and focused in everything they do and they make everyone around them better. In their constant chase they can be in part of the world and be on the lookout for love.

Bull/Oxen Necklace

A bull plays a very significant role in a taurus’ life, it not only reflects the points mentioned above but it can also be associated with the bull that depicts the money market. You guessed it right, a taurus needs to be in sync with their income due to the fruitful life that they desire. A bull or oxen necklace in either green or pink can work like a charm for the zodiac. This can help them be in touch with their raw self. Being someone who appreciates the hues of flowers, whistling sounds of air and scenic views; modern life can be easily distracting and thus, the necklace can keep their intentions and mood intact.

Birthstone/Gemstone Rings & Pendants

When it comes to stones, taurus can benefit from multiples. This can be connected to their benevolent and charming personalities. Pink is a color that represents new love and Quartz as a stone can help manifest determination along with care for others. Something that a taurus can easily forget as they enjoy getting all the attention on themselves. Because they are blessed with a heart that solely belongs to nature, green aventurine can help ease their nerves and keep them in a state of euphoria in dire times. As a taurus, you should customize your jewelry or accessories around these stones to reach your maximum potential. And when in even a touch of doubt, you can easily benefit from opal and emeralds, These stones have proven to be the most healing birthstones and gemstones rings for the sign in the longer run.