22K / 18K / 14K Gold – Which is better? Clearing the confusion for once and all – Part 1

Since the days of yore, individuals have been known to enhance their beauty through jewelry. The mountain men frequently utilized leaves, blossoms, wood, bones and so forth to make adornments for their body. At that point they began utilizing uncommon valuable metals like gold and silver, which were later tried as precious metals. In the Indian setting, and pretty much all through the world, gold made an extraordinary spot for itself because of it’s nearly higher worth and style. They calculated that it was the best crude material for gems as it could be liquefied and framed into any shape, and in this way it offers various ways for it to be decorated. In light of its high worth, it was viewed as synonymous with an individual’s riches. Gold before long turned into the methods for individuals to get every one of the extravagances and necessities. To this date, it has not lost its worth and keeps on being viewed as one of the most looked after metals on the planet. Gold can be your weapon against swelling and a nation’s response to a war. It has incredible centrality in each monetary action. That aside, its unmistakable quality in precious metals is best in its ranks. It is the most broadly utilized fine metal and truth be told, India is probably the biggest merchant of this yellow excellence.

So we have seen what makes gold so uncommon. No woman can manage without it, be it plain gold jewelry or studded gold jewelry. Given how precious gold is, we, as consumers should comprehend this metal in totality to settle on right purchasing choices. Information consistently comes handy and proves advantageous against the group mindset of outlandish age-old misinformed ideas. This review can be best classified as “The Ultimate Gold Trivia” since we will clarify you different terms that you run over while obtaining any sort of gold gems. These are the absolutes generally looked for in the inquiries on the web and the vast majority of the shoppers are not well educated about these. Things like – “What is the contrast between 22K, 18K and 14K gold?”, “What are yellow, white and rose gold?”, “Is white gold really gold?”, “My gold immaculateness is 18 Carat, errrrr”, and the preferences. We will break the legends and present an unmistakable picture for you.


Gold Purity?

Before we begin discriminating Gold, can you tell us the difference between the milk brought to you by the 3 milkmen Ram lal, Rakesh and Mohan? You may actually not be consuming 100% pure milk, even though all three of your milk suppliers would claim their milk is 100% pure. How would one determine that the milk is 100% pure or not 100% pure? Milk is usually adulterated with another substance in order to increase its weight. Usually that substance is water. In the same way, an impure gold is a result of mixing other metals with 100% pure gold. The term Karat is used to measure the purity of gold. ( An important thing to be noted is that Karat shouldn’t be confused with Carat. We would put light on that later. ) Karat is symbolically denoted as ‘K’.

100% Pure Gold = 24 Karat (or) 24K

Henceforth the purity of the gold being 100% would be termed as being 24K. Which means if you are buying a 24K gold coin, it means it is 100% pure. (99.95% in practicality)

22K, 18K & 14K Gold – Why these?

It is practically impossible to get 99.99% pure gold bullion from your neighborhood jeweler. In today’s market the purest gold available is 99.95% pure. However for much practical reasons jeweler manufacturers do not use 24K Gold to make jewelry. One of the reasons being 24K gold is relatively less hard. Even though a softer gold is easier to mould into the form of jewelry but for practical use to wear it in daily life that jewelry would be highly infeasible. If you or the woman of the house was to wear 24K gold bangles or ring while doing the household chores on a daily basis. Now while doing the dishes or cleaning you would soon experience that your jewelry has gone through wear and tear and has lost its shape. The beauty of the jewelry maybe lost if such soft gold is not able to take too much physical pressure. Hence, in order to manufacture such gold bangles or other kinds of jewelry more durable, 24K gold is deliberately mixed with other metals like Nickel, Zinc, Palladium, Silver etc. to form a lesser pure version of gold. These alloys or mixtures which are used to make such jewelry are usually 22K gold in content.

We shall learn more about the composition of 22K gold and other kinds of gold in our next segment.

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