5 different nose pins to suit your face type

Nose pin has been a vital part of women’s life in Indian tradition from time immemorial. At present, the trend of wearing a nose ring is ranging in the fashion world. Nose pins are a piece of jewellery a woman must wear as they enhance the look. It can give you a chic look without being too loud. In olden days, the material used in nose pins was pearl, gold or diamond. But, today nose pins are made out of brass and are best sellers. These nose pins are available in a wide range and can be easily obtainable in numerous jewellery stores.

A huge variety, pops out a question of how to choose nose pins or nose rings to suit your face type? Rather than thinking of experimenting with nose pins or nose rings, here we bring a list which you can try out on your face type.


Nose studs are versatile and it goes with every shape and size. Studs are created in different designs and shapes. If your nose is broad then a bigger simple stud is the best option or you can try a flower print stud. A narrow nose would look good in a stone stud. The popularity of the studs is more than any variety because it suits every attire, Indian or western. Here on Punjab jewelry, a customized creative stud in shades of silver and gold are available.


Do you have a narrow long nose? If yes, then hoops are basically designed for your type. Hoops has various designer outlooks, crafted in pearls, silver or gold. The bigger the size of the hoop, the fancy it will look with traditional outfits. A huge variety of silver hoop nose rings are available for both western and traditional outfits. Hoops rings and hoops nose pinch both portray the chic and classy look.

Septum rings:

Carrying a septum ring needs a fashion sense and confidence. These are very delicate and simple with prominent designs. They can be worn with piercing too, making them handy and easy to wear. Pick any design, depending on the occasion you dressed for.


Bali are subtle and really stunning! These are big and heavy and can be handle by a prominent nose. If you aren’t into the really big Bali’s then you can opt for a smaller studded Bali. They are specially for festive occasions and purely fits with traditional outfits.

Captive and segment rings:

The segment rings are extremely popular with a perfect and smooth finish. These can be customized as per the outfit of the customer. On the other side, captive rings are extremely versatile in nature and popularly known as beaded rings. These have stones embedded or crafted with pearls. It was spotted for a glamorous look.

If you are planning to experiment then you can opt for chunky nose pins and beaded studs.

Every nose ring is unique and it brings a brand-new vibe to your personality. Although there are no rules when it comes to choosing a particular type of nose rings, it depends on the outfit dressed up in. Here at Punjab jewelry, we manufacture a variety of gold, silver nose rings and nose pins for every special occasion. Be it a hoop ring or stud, go buy it and you will thank yourself for sure!