Finding The Perfect Jewelry for Your Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Horoscopes are one of the oldest studied charts and are highly talked of around the world. It states interpretations on multiple aspects of a person’s life depending upon the placement of moon, sun and time in relation with the place of birth.

As an aquarius, you consist the best of all realms. You like to speak diversity in everything you think or do as your natural element is air. You are a tough blend of imaginative, idealistic and intuitive personality traits; which makes you very self assured, reliable and full of surprises.

In your search to determine the most compatible jewelry for your sign, we have designed this blog to help you achieve and better comprehend the best possible jewelry for you or a loved one.

Aquarius are said to be born between January 20 to February 18. The spirit color associated with them is sky blue and the flower associated with the sign is Orchid. Efficiency and harmony can be attained by balancing these 2 elements. With the birthstone of aquarius being Amethyst, it is easy to identify that a color palette that sits around violet and purple best justifies the quality of this horoscope.

Oxidized Minimal Earrings

The sign rests a bold personality that isn’t afraid of speaking their mind and likes to challenge themselves by staying on top of things, even when it comes to fashion. They are very self-satisfied in their minds and are equally able to go all flashy. Minimal earrings perfectly suit aquarius as they come in many shapes and daring designs which seem to keep the sun-sign interested and on its toes.

Customized Necklace

Aquarius is a winter constellation and despite the dynamic traits of the sign, it constantly wants to be in touch with stillness. You can either choose to flaunt multiple Blue Sapphire gemstones in a beaded necklace, this would perfectly encapsulate the group of stars and their unison would signify stillness.

Birthstone Pendant

Every horoscope sign has a different gemstone to its account. These are based on years of observations and calculated assumptions. Each stone is meticulously selected to cut out the possible negative aspects and to enhance the positive qualities of the sign by amplifying them or by filling the voids.

Birthstone for aquarius is Amethyst. It is said to provide the fellow sign with much needed balance as this sign occasionally looks for reassurance from the outside world despite being overly self assured. This eventually evens out the mental struggles that physical world seem to pertain to aquarius.

Traditional Ear Beads or Nose Pin

These two pieces of jewelry can flaunt nearly the same designs as apart from their application most of the intricacies remain the same. As we mentioned before, aquarius comes from a constellation and to best represent the overall horoscope in a jewelry, we think that fretted diamonds will best signify the stars in the sky for aquarius. You can choose either Garnet, Blue Sapphire or even Amethyst to best constitute to your horoscope and your individual personality.