Finding The Perfect Jewelry for Your Zodiac Sign: Aries

Horoscopes emerge from few of the world’s oldest forms of studies to determine a person’s fate and destiny. Probable interpretations are made by keeping the placements of stars, moon and sun in mind during the time of a person’s birth.

Aries is a fire sign and like the qualities of the element of fire itself, it possesses the confidence, motivation and immense passion to ignite even the smallest of sparks. It radiates levels of intensity and determination that can put an Aries into the limelight or put others on the map.

Aries are very meticulous and they believe that their peculiarities spark the individualism and rarity they are always associated with. In order to fulfill those extraterrestrial needs and desires we have summed up the best jewelry out there to not even suit you but to make you more efficient each and every day.

Born between March 21 – April 19, Aries are passionate, independent and bold enough to stay out of the crown. Their spirit color is Red while the plants associated with the sign are Honeysuckle and Thistle. Although they feel very content in themselves and their regular regulations, aries can still be triggered for bad due to delays, illogical obstacles, short temperedness. We have accumulated energies that will help you to keep the bigger picture in mind and ingrain patience.

Minimal Directional Pendant or Bracelet

There is a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to horoscope and zodiac signs. Astrology like the universe itself is very complex and tough to keep a track of. Based on insights by astrologers all above the globe, a copper pendant or bracelet flaunting the direction south is a charm. Both the metal and the direction are associated with the harmonious flow of Aries.

Birthstone Rings

Birthstones are a set of stones that are said to be beneficial for certain groups of people depending upon the location of stars, moon and sun during the time of their birth, hence zodiac. There are different stones connected to every month in the calendar. These stones are believed to release mental and spiritual blockages to make the person more at ease and more efficient.

Red is the color of Aries and Ruby is the birthstone for the sign. Aries are the explorers and they always set out to make a noise and leave a mark on the whole world. In their conquests, despite all their individual qualities, it is easy for the sign to feel alone and in need of love sometimes. Ruby balances the quandary and initiates love, care and passion within its own realm.

Gemstone Pendant/Ring/Brooch

The gemstone that perfectly compliments the trailblazer personality of an Aries is Red Coral. Their zeal, drive and enthusiasm needs to be always reflected through their attires or else it could create blockages over time. There aren’t many signs that could perfectly carry red color in general and nobody can flaunt it like aries. These Red Corals wrapped around with copper can work wonders for the sign. If you want to switch to silver, you can easily partake red corals there too.