Taking Care of Your Precious Nose Pins – Do’s & Don’ts

Nose Pins are one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry. In the eyes of the beholder, the sentimental value of a nose pin is priceless and a prime example of greatest joy. They are the most elegant pieces of ornament you own. You prefer to own a limited amount of nose pins as they don’t need to be taken off frequently. Which makes each nose pin a personal and purposive choice. Pins come in a diverse nature and believe it or not they come with an expiry date too, if not taken care of as recommended. There are several guidelines to take care of these rigid yet delicate pieces of artistry and to make them last throughout decades.

The Stone is for Visual Pleasure

The stones, pearls or diamonds mounted on your nose pins are quite flimsy and need most of your attention when we talk about being cautious. Slightest hindrance can cause the stone to appear faulty. It is advised to not play around or touch the center-most area of your nose pin, the diamond or the stone. Avoid twisting the pins during highest temptations too as it can make your skin irritating and itchy. The head and side-stones of a nose-pin are vulnerable to dust and tiny particles. A good measure is to avoid touching your nose pin with your bare hands at all costs as they are quite prone to dust and can unsuspectedly appear to be damaged very easily.

A Clean Pin is a Healthy Pin

Proper nose-pin hygiene goes a long way. It is very common to hear that a warm water and gin combination along with a toothbrush can clean up your jewelry nice and shiny. Well, it is not advised for you to do so or to treat them with any chemicals at home. What might appear squeaky clean to us can reveal a scratched surface on a microscopic level, hence ruining your pin and its overall monetary value. For some stones a combination of luke-warm water and a clean microfiber cloth can do the trick as long as the cleaning process is conducted gently and with precision. For complex nose pin which flaunt an intricate detail to its charm, it seems only obvious to take them to your trusted jewelers and ask for a proper cleaning process. Any unwanted resistance on any fragile piece of jewelry can result in a damaged nose-pin or loss of a precious stone or diamond.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

You can have the world’s strongest element on your nose-pin but there are still more than one ways you can destroy it unconsciously in your waking life. Avoid any kind of physical turmoil that might affect the nose pin. Lifting heavy things and playing contact sports are a big no(s). Sports can not only result in a compromised nose-pin but also potentially injure you or others around.

The Elementals

There are few guidelines which have been static with proper nose-pin care and have been around for a long time.

  • You should pull or put on a nose pin by holding it on its side. The gemstone or diamond is to be left untouched.
  • Never try to treat a nose-pin with chemicals or disinfectants you buy even if the product claims to be safe for your nosepins. Jewelries are a dynamic of complex elements and exposure to other chemicals can very easily initiate a reaction. It can possibly result in damaged jewelry or skin infections.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bactine or even the friendly neosporin are all your enemies. Always consult an expert to find an adequate nose pin maintenance routine for your jewelries.
  • Drink plenty of water for a few days after you get your nose pierced. This will minimize your chances of catching any infections.
  • Loose nosepins are a health hazard as you can accidentaly inhale the tiny metals or alloys.
  • This is a given: Get your jewelry ensured by a Trusted Insurance Company of your demographic. Mistakes can happen by anyone, sometimes even if all the safety measures are considered and practiced. Insurances are reassuring.