After Nose Piercing risks to avoid

People with nose piercing look great and that is why you might be thinking of getting it done too. But obviously, there is a need to be little cautious while getting it done. You must remember that any kind of carelessness during nose piercing or after nose piercing can invite a lot of problems. So it is better that you take appropriate precautions and care. It is not that expensive to get a nose piercing done but if anything goes wrong it can be a threat to your life. Here are a few problems you definitely want to avoid.


The material used for piercing has to be sterilized if not can lead to infection which can turn serious if not taken care rightly. Make sure that the tool used for piercing is sterilized as it will kill the bacterias causing infection. Also, you can choose an appropriate gold nose pin for yourself as it is skin-friendly material.

Wrong jewelry:

A wrong jewelry can also do a lot of harm without you realizing it. At times, the jewelry gets loosened and falls into the nostril. And if you swallow it you can encounter a number of problems including difficulty in breathing. You may even have to get a surgery done if you swallow it as if it is not removed it can be fatal. You should avoid wearing nose pins with pointed ends. Also, ensure that you wear it with ease and it is placed appropriately.

Wrong jewelry material:

Make sure that you are not allergic to the material you wear on your nose as it can cause unwanted grievances. It can lead to swelling around the piercing point and also result in the formation of pus. To avoid this use a skin-friendly jewelry material. Also, it is advisable that you choose a nose ring supplier who is trustworthy and reliable.

Scar Tissue and Nerve damage:

It is important that you choose an experienced piercer to avoid any problems. Any mistake during piercing can lead to nerve damage, which can lead to nose losing its sensitivity and can be painful too. Also, place the nose pin carefully when the piercing is fresh as it can lead to tissue scar.

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