Perfect Nose pin selections for your Perfect self


Design wheels have turned around and numerous, Indian Accessories have made a shocking rebound. Wedding as well as many such Indian occasions, the nose ring is adored by Indian ladies and is worn in the majority in such event.

Before you push forward to get yourself an exquisite nose ring, one must ensure to read this blog totally so that it works out in a good way for your face shape and your outfit. All of you realize that nose ring sits on the face and draws all consideration along these lines due to which it becomes very important to ensure its shape and size that suits your face shape. Wearing a ring, stud or nath isn’t just an old Indian custom but it has now become a fashion statement.

Types of Nose Pins

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  1. Studs:

It comes with one or multiple stone at the front with a stick like metal at the back that passes through your nose’s pierced hole and secured at the back with a screw and it is available in different metal and stones.

  1. Rings:

It is a simple round ring made up of gold or silver with minimal design.

  1. Clip-ons:

Clip-ons as the name suggests doesn’t need any nose piercing and can be worn without any pierced hole.

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  1. Nathani:

Nathani is circular in shape that tends to be slim and large in diameter. It is very popular among women in Rajasthan, gujarat and other Western part of India.

  1. Nathani without chain:

It is a variation of nathani where it doesn’t have a gold chain or thread attached to it.

Nose Ring for different Face Shapes
  1. Ladies with oval shape ought to go for Naths that have adorned chains like Punjabi nath. This will make equalization for your look.
  2. The individuals who have little face or little nose should attempt to decide on little studs which have one modest precious stone. This will assist you with keeping up a sweet and basic look.
  3. Ladies with square face or ale nose ought to go for enormous stoned studs. As this will draw the consideration off your facial edges and improve your general look.
  4. On the off chance that you have sharped nose you ought to decide on nathanis. As this will assist you with adorning you face pleasantly and furthermore help getting a staggering look.
  5. Ladies with round formed face should attempt to go for semi-roundabout or curve shape nose ring as this will help in getting thin face look.
  6. Nose ring for heart shape face ought to be an overwhelming or large nathani.
  7. Nath without chain will look great on all face shapes.

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