Scientific Reasons of Wearing Nose Pins

Nose Jewelry has been a significant adornment for Indian women since ages. The significance of wearing nose rings differs from region to region. Generally, the nose stud or ‘nath’ is worn by the bride on the day of her marriage according to the Hindu customs. Nose piercing is a Hindu ritual, where nose rings are worn on the left or right side or both sides of the nostril. Nowadays it has become a fashion accessory and is worn by everyone, but there are many scientific reasons as though why it has always been important for the women to wear the customary nose rings.

Control on Emotions

Studies have shown that nose, one of the six sense organs isn’t just a sense organ that has been helping you in breathing and smelling various scents, it is additionally an organ that controls different feelings and emotions, for example, energy, sentiment and sexual emotions. Lady with nose pins are seen to be emotionally solid. It has been demonstrated that ladies with nose pins are difficult to spellbind or hypnotize.

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Strengthens Ovary

The point of piercing in the nostril strengthens ovaries thereby bringing about positive changes in the sexuality of a woman and favorable conditions for child birth in her body. This is the reason why most customs insist on piercing nostrils and wearing nose pins when a girl is ready for marriage.

The point where the nose is pierced is the acupressure point which is related to the delivery, and when the nose is pierced at this point women would feel less pain during delivery with fewer complications.

Choosing the Right Metal

Gold is considered to be the best metal for nose pins, mainly because of its property of absorbing heat. The heat coming out of the nostril is absorb and cooled out of the body. Although other metals can be used for their exquisiteness or beauty, wearing a gold nose pin is the most advised.

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Choosing the Right Shape Of Nose Pin

Not every nose pin would suit every nose, it is important to choose the shape of your nose pin according to your nose type.

Broad Nose

If you have a broad nose, go for nose pins with more than two stones embedded in it. This will make your nose look smaller and the proportion of your face would become perfect.
For people with a nose that is not so perfect wearing a nose pin would attract attention away from the nose making you feel less conscious.

Sharp Nose

For those who have a sharp nose a single diamond nose pin on the right nostril will enhance the look of the nose. Simple designs look best for these people.

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